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Four special editions of international education journals feature CREATE research. A special edition of Comparative Education (Vol. 45, No, 2) came out in 2009. A special edition of Prospects (Vol. 40, No. 3) came out in 2010. In 2011 CREATE special editions of the International Journal of Educational Development (IJED) (Vol. 31 No. 4) and the Journal of Education Policy have also been published. CREATE researchers have also published widely in other journals, these publication are listed below.

Comparative Education Vol. 45, No, 2: ‘Access to Education in sub-Saharan Africa’, edited by Keith Lewin and Kwame Akyeampong

Prospects, Vol. 40, No. 3, ‘Universal primary education in South Asia: A right that remains elusive’ edited by R. Govinda and Manzoor Ahmed

International Journal of Educational Development, CREATE Special Edition, edited by Keith Lewin, Angela Little and Frances Hunt. Vol 31:4

  • Lewin, K. M. and Little, A., (2011) Access to education revisited: Equity, drop out and transitions to secondary school in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, 333-337
  • Ananga, E., (2011) Typology of School Dropout: the Dimensions and Dynamics of Dropout in Ghana, 374-381
  • Akaguri, L., and Akyeampong, K., (2011) Fee-free public or low-fee private basic education in rural Ghana: What does it cost the poor?
  • Buckland, S., (2011) Uncovering South Africa’s ‘New Apartheid’: The challenges to Educational Access for Non-nationals in South Africa, 367-373
  • Cameron, S., (2011) Whether and where to enrol: choosing a primary school in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 357-366
  • Härmä, J., (2011) Low Cost Private schooling in India: Is it Pro Poor and Equitable? 350-356
  • Lewin, K. M., (2011) Expanding access to secondary education: Can India catch up? 382-393
  • Ohba, A., (2011) Abolition of secondary school fees in Kenya: Responses by the poor, 402-408
  • Rolleston, C., (2011) Educational Access and Poverty Reduction: The Case of Ghana 1991-2006, 338-349
  • Siddhu, G., (2011) Who makes it to secondary school? Determinants of transition to secondary schools in rural India, 394-401
  • Turrent, V., (2011) Expanding Support for Education in Fragile States: What Role for the Education for All - Fast Track Initiative? 409-416

Journal of education Policy CREATE Special Issue, ‘Access to Basic Educationin Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia Policies, Politics and Progress’ edited by Angela W. Little and Keith M. Lewin

  • Essuman, A., and Akyeampong, K., (2011) Decentralisation Policy in Practice in Ghana: the promise and reality of community participation in education in two rural communities
  • Little, A. W., (2011) Education Policy Reform in Sri Lanka: the double-edged sword of political will
  • Somerset, A., (2011) Access, Cost and Quality: tensions among three goals in the development of primary education in Kenya
  • Hoppers, W., (2011) The Politics of Diversifying Basic Education Delivery: a comparative analysis from East Africa
  • Ward, M., (2011) Aid to Education: the case of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in India and the role of development partners
  • Bermingham, D., (2011) The Politics of Global Education Policy: the formation of the Education for All Fast Track Initiative
  • Lewin, K. M., (2011) Target Setting and Target Getting in EFA Policy and in EFA Practice

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