Policy messages

CREATE Policy Briefs focus on policy messages derived from CREATE’s research programme. Policy briefs are four pages long and highlight the main issues and debates in the field. CREATE research informs the briefs along with insights from other research. They are aimed at national and international education policy makers, as well as others interested in access to education issues.

In the menu on the left are links to CREATE Policy Briefs and Research Summaries. Each country partner in CREATE produced a country research summary of research in their country. These documents bring up to date a series of policy briefs derived from the Country Analytic Reviews.

A series of international policy briefs draws together research to produce cross cutting policy messages on a range of issues. There are separates series of policy briefs for each of the four CREATE partner institution countries, Bangladesh, Ghana, India and South Africa.

A synthetic analysis of research outputs for the CREATE final report has led to the development of a 12 point programme for action which sets out 12 key policy areas that need action to make progress towards education for all. The 12 point programme is also linked in the list on the left.