Twelve Point Programme goals

All children in the target population should:

  • enrol in the year in which they become six years old
  • progress over the next six years with no more than one repetition and remain within one year of the nominal age for the grade
  • attend for at least 90% of the teaching days available
  • transit to lower secondary school and complete nine years of schooling
  • learn in classes of no more than 40 in schools with clean water, sanitation, basic services, light, heat and ventilation, and adequate learning materials
  • be taught by trained teachers who are present in class at least 95% of the teaching days available with pupil teacher ratios of 40:1 or less
  • achieve at levels within two years of the norm for their grade
  • have equitable access to affordable schools located within 30 minutes travel of households at primary level and 60 minutes at secondary level