Community and School Studies

The programmes of empirical research in communities and schools are summarised selectively below. These complement outputs from the other research strands within CREATE, and the work of postgraduate researchers. Each country thus has a portfolio of research outputs of which the ComSS reported below is only part.

In Bangladesh, India, Ghana and South Africa, empirical work has been undertaken in selected communities and schools to explore and understand in more detail access to education. Nine generic instruments were developed which were modified for use at each fieldwork site. Country Analytic Reviews informed the research (Ahmed et al., 2007; Govinda et al., 2007; Akyeampong et al., 2007; and Motala et al., 2007). These substantial 100 page reports provide the context and detailed commentary that underpins the ComSS. Various fieldwork reports have been archived.

Short summaries of some of the main issues and findings are encapsulated below. Country Research Summaries are available on the website and give more detail of findings.