Institute of Education and Development, BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Partner Institution Coordinator: Dr Manzoor Ahmed

Dr Manzoor Ahmed is Senior Advisor, Institute of Educational Development, BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh (BU-IED). He was convenor of the widely respected Education Watch (produced by the Campaign for Popular Education) until 2005. Formerly he was Senior Education Adviser and Associate Director of Programme Division, UNICEF, New York and Country Director in China, Ethiopia and Japan; Senior Researcher/Associate Director of the International Council for Educational Development, Connecticut, USA; Head of the Department of Educational Administration at the Institute of Education and Research, Dhaka University; and chief of Education Reforms Implementation Unit, Ministry of Education in Pakistan. He has served as consultant to the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Primary and Mass Education in Bangladesh for the PRSP and other policy papers. Dr Ahmed has a long standing interest in Education for All issues, especially as they relate to policy and planning, access and equity, non-formal education, and rural educational provision. For CREATE, Manzoor is the Co-ordinator of the partner institution activities at the Institute of Educational Development, BRAC University.

CREATE Outputs:

Altaf Hossain

Altaf is a Team Leader in the Research Policy Studies and Advocacy Unit in BRAC University Institute of Educational Development in Bangladesh. Working with Dr. Manzoor Ahmed and others, he has contributed to several of the annual Education Watch publications. He was part of a team that designed, planned and implemented a large community and school survey for CREATE in Bangladesh. He has also written several monographs for CREATE and is completing his doctorate in education from the University of Sussex. His research interests include education assessment and evaluation.

CREATE outputs:

Md. Abul Kalam

Kalam Md. Abul is a Research Associate BU-IED in Bangladesh. In CREATE he works as a researcher. His research interests include access to education, assessment, formal and non formal education.


Zia-Us-Sabur is a senior research associate at the BU-IED and has recently embarked on an international professional doctorate in Education (EdD) in Sussex School of Education. His EdD is the outcome of an inter-institutional arrangement between University of Sussex and BU-IED. His work is closely linked to CREATE. His research interests include local level educational planning and management involving both state and non-state providers. He is also interested in non-formal education and lifelong learning.

CREATE Outputs:

Laily Uddin

Layli works for BU-IED.