CREATE Ghana Launch


The launch of the Consortium for Research on Educational Access, Transitions and Equity (CREATE) was hosted by the Ghanaian partners of the RPC, University of Education, Winneba (UEW).

Diary of Events
10.45 a.m. Professor A. Asabere-Ameyaw, Pro-Vice Chancellor of UEW introduced Professor J. Anamuah-Mensah, Vice-Chancellor of UEW, as chairman for the occasion.

Professor Keith M. Lewin, (Director of CREATE, Director of the Centre for International Education, University of Sussex) presents an overview of CREATE to the participants.
Professor J. S. Djangmah (Visiting Professor of UEW), highlights key issues around CREATE relating to specifically to Ghana.
Mr. Ato Essuman (Chief Director of the Ministry of Education) talked about the role of CREATE in relation to the activities of the Ministry of Education and the potential synergies. In his speech he outlined the benefits research around access to education could bring to the education system in Ghana.
Mr. Michael Nsowah (Director-General of Ghana Education Service) chaired group discussions.
Dr. Alhassan Seidu (CREATE Researcher, based in UEW) presented an overview of the Ghana Country Analytical Review (CAR) for CREATE. He related CREATE’s notion of ‘zones of exclusion’ to the educational experiences of Ghana.

Discussion on the CAR. Issues covered included:

  • issues around schooling enrolments;
  • enrolment statistics;
  • teacher attendance in schools;
  • gender and enrolment;
  • capitation grants and school fees;
  • attainment levels of pupils;
  • the subject syllabus;
  • the role and importance of post-primary education;
  • funding allocated to primary and post-primary education

Group discussions: Group discussions took place around the four zones of exclusion. These are:

  • Zone 1: Children who never attended and are not likely to attend school (Basic).
  • Zone 2: Children who entered primary school but do not complete
  • Zone 3: Students have high risk of dropping out, e.g. due to sporadic attendance
  • Zone 4: Pupils complete primary but do not enter JSS either due to inability to make entry requirements, pay fees, lack of interest, or prefer employment in             informal sector.

Links to other RPCs: Dr. Leslie Casely-Hayford (Education Outcomes RPC) highlighted possible linkages of education access with RPC on Quality and Outcomes. A representative of Dr. George Oduro (Eduation Quality RPC) suggested linkages betweent the three RPCs were vital.
DFID’s role in Ghana: Don Taylor (DFID Education Advisor).

Concluding Remarks: Professor J. Anamuah-Mensah, Vice-Chancellor of UEW. Professor Anamuah-Mensah thanked all participants for their involvement in the day’s events.

Attendance List



Professor Anamuah-Mensah

Vice – Chancellor, UEW

Mr. Ato Essuman

Chief Director, Ministry of Education, Science and Sports; Also Chairman of National Reference Group of CREATE

Mr. Mike Nsowah

Acting-Director General , Ghana Education Service, Member of NRG

Professor J. S. Djangmah

Coordinator, CREATE, Ghana, and Visiting Professor, Centre for Research into Basic Education

Professor Keith Lewin

Director, CREATE; Director, Centre for International Education, Sussex

Dr. Don Taylor

Education Advisor, DFID Ghana

Professor Asabere-Ameyaw

Pro-Vice Chancellor, UEW

Mrs. Justina Torjagbo

Regional Director of Education, Cape Coast

Dr. Kwame Akyeampong

Senior Lecturer, CIE, Sussex; Visiting Fellow, Centre for Research into Basic Education

The District Chief Executive,

Effutu-Awutu-Senya District

Dr. Leslie Casely-Hayford

Co-ordinator, Consortium for Research into Educational Outcomes, Ghana

Dr. Linda Forde, UCC

Representing Dr. Oduro, Co-ordinator, Consortium for Research into Educational Quality

The District Director of Education

Effutu-Awutu-Senya District

Deans, Professors, and Lecturers, etc.

University of Education, Winneba